Mazola’s breast cancer awareness drive aims to empower GCC women.
Date : 27 October 2015

Data from the UAE Ministry of Health indicates that cancer accounts for approximately 500 deaths per year. As this number continues to increase each year, Mazola, one of the pioneers of healthy and quality food products in the Middle East, decides to increase women’s consciousness in this subject for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October.


The average age of women who get breast cancer in the UAE is about 10 years younger than women in Europe and USA. A study by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences' Centre for Arab Genomic Studies indicates that cancer is the third leading cause of death in the UAE following heart disease and accidents. In the UAE, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer, with the number of breast cancer cases having increased by around 20 per cent since 2009, according to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to detect the disease in its early stages. As part of Mazola’s endeavours the Company held an event in Dubai at The Address Hotel – Marina Mall, on October 21st, 2015. The event was in partnership with the Women Empowerment Group (WE Group), 10 KSA, and Zahra Breast Cancer Association, as an initiative to shed light on the topic of breast cancer and spread awareness on the subject. WE Group was founded by Sahar Madani, a humanitarian on a mission to empower women across the Middle East. She is known for her charitable work across the region, including aid for breast cancer patients. The third partner for the event was, The Zahra Breast Cancer Association, the brainchild of Soad Bint Amer, and an organisation that aims to increase and spread awareness among women across the country for early detection, prevention and treatment of the disease. In addition to cooperating with women diagnosed with breast cancer on a step-by-step basis for treatment and ultimate recovery. The event was attended by people from across the UAE and by some renowned personalities who formed the panel for the evening including the likes of Psychologist Dr. Hala Aseel. Hatun Madani, the brand ambassador for Mazola, also spoke at the event and stressed upon the importance of healthy eating and how the healthiest dishes can be made delicious. Other members of the panel was Reema bint Bandar, a Saudi Arabian princess entrepreneur.

Mazola has pioneered healthy eating in the region as diet is thought to be partly responsible for about 30% to 40% of all cancers. While no food or diet can fully prevent breast cancer, properly cooked food with the right ingredients can help your body to boost immunity and so helps keep your risk for breast cancer as low as possible. Experts recommend avoiding processed foods and switching to more natural and organic alternatives to help your body be healthier and protected against cancer. “Our philosophy of From the Heart of Nature has always promoted healthier and more natural food habits. And on this occasion of breast cancer awareness month, we want people to remember the importance of a healthy diet as part of the regime in preventing cancer”, said Simon Gottfried – Vice President at Basateen Food, the brand owner of Mazola in the Middle East and North Africa. “Our award winning product range is made using the most organic methods and the purest ingredients, which are ideal for healthy cooking”, he added. Mazola’s all natural products enable people to switch to healthy cooking without compromising on taste.

The event was a unique initiative, especially for a quality food brand like Mazola with a philosophy like ‘from the heart of nature’, the brand will continue to deliver trustworthy products and raise awareness on the subject of breast cancer.

About Mazola

Mazola, The World's Favorite Corn Oil since 1911 have taken their heritage of Quality, Trust, Health, and Value to other appealing food products including top quality Sunflower Oil, Frying Oil, Olive Oil, Mayonnaise, Ghee, and Margarine. Mazola products for Middle East & North African markets are manufactured at the award winning Basateen Foods Saudi Arabia factory in Yanbu Al Sinaiyah, Saudi Arabia to the highest international standards using only the best quality ingredients. To know more about their products:

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