Mazola Announces Its New Brand Ambassador During Ramadan
Date : 24 May 2015

Ramadan is a blessed time for everyone around the GCC. And for many, it is also a time to change - change in schedule, change in eating, change in working time and an overall change in lifestyle. In this time of change, Mazola has announced its new brand ambassador, Hatum Madani. "This partnership allows our brand to develop a more human personality in the minds of our customers", said Simon Gottfried, Vice President - Sales and Marketing of Basateen Foods Saudi Arabia - the brand owners of Mazola in the Middle East & North African region. "We feel that Mrs. Hatun Madani embodies the vision of Mazola at its best - living a healthy and high spirited lifestyle. We support her mission of finding healthier ways of cooking traditional cuisine without compromising on taste," he added.

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Hatun is a one of the first Saudi ladies to climb to the base camp of Mount Everest. After 2 of her 3 kids were diagnosed with type1 diabetes at an early age, she developed a passion for cooking traditional dishes with a healthy twist and inculcating good eating habits in her family. "i'm really excited to partner with Mazola", said Hatun. "They have been a part of my life since I started cooking and now i'm happy to be a part of theirs", she added.

To kick-start this partnership, Hatun has recently finished shooting a series of videos for the #MazolaFunnyCooks campaign. Throught the campaign, Hatun will be sharing her funny and embarrassing cooking stories form when she first started cooking. She has asked her viewers and fans to share there funny cooking experiences as well, and the best ones will be chosen and compiled into a book along with Hatun's stories.

More people are aware of the consequential effects of fasting during Ramadan, especially with people suffering form chronic diseases like diabetes, etc. Keeping this in mind, more households are moving towards high quality products and healthy cooking oil. "I personally fell that the taste of food should never be compromised. Most people, including me, like to break there fasts with food times like samosas, which are not ideally a healthy dish. But if prepared in the right way, using the right amount of healthy cooking oil like Mazola, the results can be both delicious and healthy," Hatun said.

All of Mazola's oil products are rich in Vitamin E and help maintain are rich in Vitamin E and help maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Mazola oil is naturally 100% cholesterol free and is extracted from the germ of the corn to ensure best quality. The mazola mayonnaise range provides a healthy balance of dietary fats that are important for health eating and foods products has always been a strong one, and Mazola's campaign 'From the heart of nature' promotes healthy eating round the year, especially during the month of Ramadan. To ensure that you have a healthy fast, Mazola advices that you have a balanced meal cooked in healthy oil. Do not overeat the food. Stay hydrated and have sufficient fluid intake. Get enough rest. Stay fit with light exercise. Mazola aims to further strengthen its stronghold on the GCC region and get closer to its customers. And with Hatun on board, it's a step in the right direction. - SG