Healthy Mayonnaise With 30% Less Fat
Date : 18 September 2014
Margarine in middle east

According to a UN report issued last year. Obesity is fast emerging as a pandemic in the Gulf region. It found population in the Gulf as amongst the highest, with 43 per cent of Kuwaitis classified as obese, followed by Saudi Arabia at 35per cent. In the UAE,34 per cent of the population was identified as having weight gaining is sues, while Qatar and Bahrain had 33 per cent.

Keeping this in mind, Mazola one of the leading worldwide food brands have recently developed Mayonnaise Lite, which offers the same taste but with 30 per cent less fat compared to the regular mayonnaise.

This fat reduction is through the addition of inulin – a soluble fibre which has been found to be beneficial for human health including reducing the levels of different lipids (fats) in the blood, such as triglycerides, “This extends a further healthy touch to what is already an excellent product for our consumer, “said Simon Gottfried, VP for Mazola Middle Eats and North Africa, He added, “While Lite products have traditionally been thought of as products for women or for people who are on a diet, the overall benefits of low fat and lnulin’s positive attributes, makes Mazola Lite Mayonnaise perfect for all family members.”