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Mazola’s breast cancer awareness drive aims to empower GCC women.
Date : 27 October 2015
Data from the UAE Ministry of Health indicates that cancer in general accounts for approximately 500 deaths per year. As this number continues to increase each year,
Enjoy the treats of Eid, the right way.
Date : 31 July 2015
As the holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end, it’s the time for bigger celebrations with Eid. But while you might be ready to enjoy the sweets and delicacies after a month of fasting, your body might not be.
Mazola Announces Its New Brand Ambassador During Ramadan
Date : 23 June 2015
Ramadan is a blessed time for everyone around the GCC. And for many, it is also a time to change - change in schedule, change in eating, change in working time and an overall change in lifestyle. In this time of change, Mazola has announced its new brand ambassador, Hatum Madani.
Sunflower Oil World Output To Reach 60 Million Tons Towards 2050
Date : 24 May 2015
Despite the difficulties in Sunflower Oil production, one manufacturer stands up to the challenge.
Mazola’s Expansion Plans And Participation In SFHHA 2015
Date : 27 April 2015
Mazola, one of the pioneers of healthy and quality food products in the Middle East, has announced its participation in the Saudi Food, Hotel & Hospitality Arabia (SFHHA) event this April.
Mazola Wins The Product of the Year Award
Date : 5 March 2015
Dubai, February 25, 2015: The biggest brand names from across the gulf gathered under one roof to recognize the most innovative products of 2015. Mazola, one of the pioneers of healthy food
To partnerships and success, Mazola’s annual distributor dinner at The Palace Downtown
Date : 17 February 2015
When it comes to the regional food industry in UAE, Mazola needs no introduction. As one of the pioneers of healthy & quality food productsin
Let This Holiday Season Be High On Fun And Low On Calories
Date : 25 December 2014
The holiday season always brings in its fair share of delicious tempatations. If one Isn’t careful, it’s easy to overindulge in the diet department, especially with all the amazing food and desserts around
Mazola Showcases World-Class Nutrition Excellence at Dubai World Hospitality Championship
Date : 4 November 2014
DUBAI : Reinforcing their commitment to the society and emphasizing the ongoing support to events that showcase the culture
Healthy Mayonnaise With 30% Less Fat
Date : 18 September 2014
According to a UN report issued last year. Obesity is fast emerging as a pandemic in the Gulf region. It found population in the Gulf as amongst the highest,
Mazola Targets 25% Growth, Amidst Surge In Regional Food Consumption
Date : 3 August 2014
DUBAI : Amidst this growth pattern, Mazola is targeting a 25 pc growth in sales over the next two years. The company, which has carved a niche with its world-class product,